Monday, May 21, 2007

Senators vs. Devils: Round 2, Game 2

Devils 3, Senators 2 (2 OT)

PRESIDENT’S 2 CENTS: So the Sens’ go-up-two-zip jinx continues courtesy of Jamie Langenbrunner, who deserved that break after a fantastic game in which he caused havoc all night. To name a few, his two-way play was instrumental in creating an early 3-on-2 which led to Travis “Pat” Zajac’s chance, followed by a post. Plus he drew that four-minute minor from a Peter Schaefer high stick … As for the OT winner itself, it was just a lightning-quick fatal mistake, as Chris Neil put it towards the middle, and Joltin’ Joe couldn’t handle the dump-off in time. By the time Preissing came back, too late folks … Thanks to the timekeeping and two shaky goals on Razor, this game was really lost in the first period. However, do realize that the NHL shuffles around goal judges and timekeepers during the playoffs to take away the threat of ‘home cooking.’ Still, the clock started a split-second too late … As for the first goal on Razor, Alfie got caught, leaving Tiny Brian Gionta with a free wing to shoot from. However, no bones about it, it was a bad goal from a bad angle. Irony? Gionta shot towards the “Sharp” sign, but Sugar Ray certainly wasn’t on that goal. However, he made sure the rest of the shots all night from that wing didn’t have a chance … You’d think ‘former PM’ Paul Martin, of all Devils, would know everything about Ottawa or Senators, and should give Lou a good scouting report before games. As for John Madden? Well, I won’t add to the ribbing he’s probably taken for his name, though I will add that he probably takes tough-actin’ Tinactin, especially after being dumped into the Sens’ bench in the first … So the ice at the old barn did indeed cause problems all night, starting at six seconds in when Spezza missed a swipe at a puck, and all the way to OT, when the frozen softness thwarted Neil’s potential 3-on-2 setup. That and it caused havoc for pouncing on rebounds … No rebound was needed when Heater popped the tying in the dying ticks. How many times since 2005, in practice and in games, has the Spezz Dispenser hooked up with Heatley? Probably none more exciting and significant than this time, as that pass was simply laser-guided … Despite helping to cause the game-ending turnover, Joe Corvo again had a fantastic game, wheeling and dealing all night and nearly putting the game away himself on a third-period shot which Alfie couldn’t deflect in. Let’s just hope his confidence doesn’t sink to the depths of that Atlanta game. Wasn’t his fault this time, end of story … CBC Line of the Night: “New Jersey’s defence mechanism (tonight) is Martin Brodeur,” remarked Greg Millen in the third about Joisey not sticking to its usual team defence. Bang-on. Sens had their chances, but at the end of the night, what else can you say about the future hall-of-famer and one of the best backstoppers of all time? … Zach Parise had another fantastic game and had about five or six great chances all night. He also drew two penalties from a frustrated Mike Fisher early on … Raymond Foose, the Devils’ anthem singer for the evening, substituted “of” instead of “for all thy sons’ command” for those scoring at home, but nonetheless a good show, and an even greater red bowtie … the Comrie-Fisher-Schaefer line was one of few Sens highlights in the first … Devils’ shotblockers came to play tonight … Marty Brodeur’s spanking new trapper looked a little stiff on a late Alfie shot which he dropped, but you know he won’t take long to break it in … How to make an entire city’s worth of hearts skip a beat: make a huge save through traffic in OT where for a split-second no one knows where the biscuit is, one play after stoning Paul Martin. Razor’s got nerves of steel, unlike the rest of us … Don Cherry Suit Rating: six out of 10. Little heavy on the yellow tissue AND tie, and the pinstripes were a little far apart … Before the last-second Devils goal, let’s not forget Alfie leading a great PK charge in that 5-on-3, causing three successful clears. Emery was good as well, with two great screened saves … Here’s hoping the A-Train will be ok after favouring his wrist, which got slashed. He was OK after the Roberts smack though … Last but not least: finally a sellout of 19,040 takes in a Devils game. Sure, there’s traffic problems and all around the soon-to-be-abandoned Continental Arena, but you’d think at least SOME games up till now would have drawn a full barn? Guess not. After Friday’s Nets-Raptors game, you know Jay-Z isn’t waiting to see what a new barn in Newark could do for attendance. Only 17,147 bothered to show up for a Friday playoff game.

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